How to Add ALT Tag in Blogger Images For Image SEO ?

We have already seen the Importance of Image SEO for Bloggers in my previous article, whenever we start a blog, we don’t emphasize much on adding ALT and TITLE tags to our images which is not a good practice in the eyes of SEO. These ALT tags inform search engines bots about our images categories, so that they can include it in their results based on a user query. For example, suppose I uploaded a image in my blog without an ALT tag, search engine bots can discover it but are not able to categorize it, hence they would not include it in their search results but on the other hand if I had added an ALT tag to it such as “Image SEO”, then they include my image in their results whenever a user searches for images related to image SEO. This would help bloggers in getting a good amount of organic traffic. This article states a step by step guide on How we can add ALT tag in Blogger Images?

Adding TITLE and ALT tag in Blogger (Blogspot) images from post editor.


     (1)   The first and the foremost thing which have to be considered before adding an ALT tag is ‘image renaming’. Always rename your images to something which is related to your post before uploading to Blogger as it is equally important as other tags. Generally most of us downloads images and uploads the same without renaming it which is not a good SEO practice.

     (2)   Go to your blog’s post editor.

     (3)   Upload an image or select a previously uploaded image when editing previous posts.

     (4)   Click on ‘Properties’ and add ‘TITLE’ and ‘ALT’ tags.

     (5)   Click on ‘OK’ and it’s done.

Adding ALT and TITLE tags in Image SRC from HTML view

     (1)   Go to HTML view of your blog post or go to your template and widgets for other images of your blog besides images of your post.

     (2)   Find your IMAGE SRC or image source in which you want to add these tags, this looks similar to below code structure.

<img src=”IMAGE-SOURCE” /> (Before Adding Tags).

     (3)   Add ALT and TITLE tags as shown below.

<img src=”IMAGE-SOURCE” alt=”ALTERNATIVE-TEXT” title=”TITLE-TEXT” />(After Adding Tags).

     (4)   Save your post, template or widget.

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