Best Features of Blogger And Features Where It Lacks.

  1. Free – The first and the best feature of blogger platform is that it is completely free hosted for everyone. So  that it’s best for everyone as well as newbie’s to start their blog.
  1.  Custom domain – you can add your own custom domain to blogger (.com, .in, .org, .net etc) with an ease and also its free, blogger does’t charges for this feature. Adding custom domain erases blogspot from your address.( before adding-, after adding-
  1.    Single Account – Only one Google Account needed for all such as blogger, adsense, gmail, youtube etc.   so that one can manage everything with ease.


  1.   Simple user interface – Blogger comes with simple user interface so that even a non techie guy can manage it with ease and smoothness.
  1.  Fast – Most people are attracted toward blogger coz of its speed, your new posts or settings will become live as soon as you save it or publish it. You will see them on your blog within seconds.


  1.  Free widgets – widgets which we will use on our blog are completely free by blogger, we don’t need to code them, all of them are ready made just choose what you want.
  1.   Drag N Drop feature – it comes with drag and drop feature so that we can arrange where we want to show our widgets or ads easily, No need of editing source code. JUST DRAG N DROP.


  1. Free and easy template designer – Template designer is the best tool to customize your blog according to your demands, from there you can stylify almost everything such as fonts, background, layout, width, sidebar, post, and much more.


  1. Visitor Tracking – Complete visitor tracking is available from blogger, as you can see who visited your post based on countries, operating system, browser, also which posts are visited more, pageviews for different top posts are also available.
  1. Comments – Commenting option is available by blogger as a default feature with options such as manage, sort and reply for every post. We don’t need to create comment box by editing source.

  1.  Sharing – Blogger comes with predefined social sharing options such as facebook , google plus, twitter etc. it will be shown below to your post so that your readers can share your posts on social media.
  1. Language – its another good feature of blogger, if someone wants to make its blog in their countries language they can do so easily as blogger is available in as many as 41 languages.
  1.  Posts on the go – now you can publish your posts from everywhere on the go with BLOGGER MOBILE APP, Which comes with all basic functionalities to make you blogging on the go.
  1.  Third party applications – blogger supports third party applications so that you can customize your blog to the extent you want like a professional website.
  1.  Preview – Last but not the least it comes with preview option which enable bloggers to view how their post exactly looks on their blog so that they can edit if they want some changes.

As we came to know that blogger posses many best features but with that it also lacks in some places. Let’s see where Blogger lacks.

Features in which Blogger Lacks

  1. No PHP support – Blogger comes with HTML and CSS but doesn’t supports PHP which is well known as most developed computer language. With PHP we are able to create great things which can give our blogs an enhanced and unique looks. Many bloggers and website creators need PHP for their need. If blogger introduces PHP it will be great and can attract many other bloggers towards it who were using other platforms.
  1. Stand alone pages – Blogger provides stand alone pages but with a limited no and that is 20. So, definitely it posses less no of standalone pages than other blogging platforms and it lacks here.
  1. Uploads – With blogger we are unable to upload files other than photo and videos such as mp3, exe, rar, jar etc. if you want to upload them in your blog you have to upload it to some other free upload server such as rapidshare etc and then have to place that link in your post where you want it for your readers to download .

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